This Movie Shocked Censor Board Members

Sometimes, censor board members end up loving a movie and heap praises on it. At times, there are films that shock them to the core with its content.

This new movie named Jaikura Kudhirai featuring Jeevan in the lead has shocked the team. They were taken aback by the sheer number of adult comedy, dialogs and glamorous scenes in the movie.

After trimming done some of the scenes including a scene in the swimming pool featuring Jeevan and Dimple, dialogs and other scenes that are considered culturally offensive, the film has received an A certificate.

“We should actually given it a double AA certificate but it doesn’t work like that,” commented a censor board representative. Jaikura Kudhirai is directed by Shakthi Chidambaram who has done many hit films like Charlie Chaplin, Englishkaran among others.

Source: Galatta, Tamil