Nayanthara's next stop is Politics?

Aramm has become a stupendous hit and Nayanthara's career has been boosted to a new level. Director Gopi Nainar is basking in the success of Aramm which speaks about a social issue relevant to the current scenario in the nation.

There is a new talk in the town doing the rounds that Nayanthara has all the qualities to enter politics. Her gait and attitude both in the movie and during her theatre visit has made people admire her more and her bold decision to even accept a movie like this at the peak of her career has yielded a lot of respect. She is now even being compared to former Chief Minister late Ms. J. Jayalalitha.

Is politics Nayanthara's cup of tea? We are yet to know. But at this time of big shots like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan entering politics, the very fact that an actress is being named in the same flow, is a big compliment.

Source: Galatta, Tamil