The entire state of Tamil Nadu is not in its best state, to say the least. There is at least one issue related to politics and the common man right from lorries on a strike to GST and the most important theatre ticket pricing.

No Diwali celebration is complete unless people get to see their favorite star on the large screen.

“Most things that you read on Whatsapp and being spread over social media is rumor. They are baseless,” said the head of Vettri Theater, Chennai. When things are very confusing from a common man’s perspective, the theater owner clarified that their intention is never to over price the tickets and scare people from coming to watch movies.

“The Rs. 150 hike is applicable only for brands like PVR, INOX and Sathyam. Individual screens like Vettri, Kasi may never fall under this category. Besides, the maximum price is something we can demand only for a big star movie like Mersal, not for low budget films. All we request is flexible pricing so that we can alter it based on the movie,” he said.

He further added that government should also allow F&B pricing to the theaters. Audiences are not forced to buy any snacks and they can buy only if they wish to.

“When a popular theater like Kasi is renovated for Rs. 2 crores, we need some ways to recoup the investment made,” he further clarified.

Source: Galatta, Tamil