How Interviewer Cornered Samantha with a Tricky Question?

Every time an interview takes place, interviewers love to ask tricky and controversial questions to film stars. The aim is to make it more hyped so that it would sell more magazines or possibly more clicks on the website.

When an interviewer asked Samantha if she would prefer food or sex the most, if given an option to pick only one, she frankly replied without second thoughts that sex is more important to her. She clarified that she may be able to live without food but cannot survive without having a coitus partner.

Obviously, even though most will argue and try to brand Samantha for being a girl who made bold statements that spoil Indian culture, it’s impossible to survive in a world with only sex and no food right? Anyone is sure to become weak and die when there is no water and food but only canoodling(!) in the hypothetical world the reporter mentioned.

Source: Galatta, Tamil