Do You Love Gautham Menon's Voice? Read this News then!

Director Gautham Menon brings characters to life and make them believable.

The power doesn’t lie only in his directorial skills or presentation but his voice played a major role in all his movies. “Vaa da vaa…” when Jeevan shouts at the top of his voice in Kaaka Kaaka, it was GVM’s voice all the time that made the villain so addictive.

The director has a huge fan following for his voice which will finally be matched with his face because he’s going to do a cameo role in Goli Soda 2.

“His role is very demanding and short yet changes the course of the story. We have completed 60 percent already and shoot should end soon,” said director Vijay Milton. The film is about a sport and the controversies surrounding the young team who fights back, just like Goli Soda.

Source: Galatta, Tamil